We Need To Burn The Books At Once!

Now that a candidate for Governor of Georgia wants to get the Stone Mountain carvings erased and now that Nancy Pelosi and a few avid followers have allegedly — and I said “Allegedly” — called for removal of the “Confederate” statues in the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., and since all the furor over “Symbols” has risen in The United States I am suggesting that we take immediate steps to remove every book from every Public Library and School Library that contains references to “The Confederacy” or “The Civil War” — or any time period involved with the issues of the contentious day and that once the offensive books are removed we need to organize large gatherings of torch bearing citizens to burn the offensive materials and scatter their ashes to the four winds.

I think I might start with “Gone With The Wind” if it were up to me.

We need to have the government raid Hollywood’s film vaults and do the same thing with every foot of film that portrays these heinous horrible offensive subjects too.


I hope you took the time to click on the link above and read what is under it.

The Last Dying Gasps Of Free Speech In America!

Now that Charlottesville, Va., has exploded and captured the airwaves and the hearts and minds of people everywhere I believe the next step after dismantling every statue or edifice that reminds anybody of hatred, bigotry etc., will be the dismantling of The First Amendment — and it is already beginning in a lot of Media and on some Internet Service Providers and so-called “Social Media.”

The hysteria will progress now to the point that if you dare to write something on a blog telling the world that you dislike or disagree with somebody or something you stand a good chance of having your blog yanked and cast forever into the outer darkness where no human being will ever be able to see it …. ever.

All that somebody has to do is to complain about something you have written and the ball begins rolling and your place on the Internet will be history very soon.

Complain about how easy it is to get an abortion in this country and all the abortion clinics will gang up on you and complain that you are hate mongering against them and your ability to speak on public media will be gone in an instant.

Dare to tell the world on your social media page that you feel homosexuality is a sin and an abomination before God and you will see your social media pages banned, removed, destroyed, shit-canned and you might even hear a knock at your door and find some friendly local policemen standing there ready to interview you about your beliefs.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this “Let’s tear down all the monuments to hatred and bigotry” crap will eventually find its way into the churches and churches will have their doors sealed shut if a pastor dares to complain about anything or anybody from the pulpits.

I believe this current hysteria is going to grow far beyond just white nationalism and nazis and swastikas and I believe it will go 100% politically correct and will provide penalties for anyone who dares to criticize anyone else or their pet beliefs.

Every critical word now written or spoken is suddenly a prime target for the politically correct crowd to label as hatred or bigotry and believe you me I think they will waste no time in exercising their newfound power.

As I am pondering the significance and implications of the words I have just written I find myself being tempted to protect myself by publicly — and very persistently — heaping tons of glowing praise on every evil thing that I can find — the evil-er the better. So heads up all you evil doers out there … you may soon have a new and supportive friend in the Imaginary Billionaire because I want my blog to survive the storm.




John Liming #102

We have this new “Mexican” restaurant here where I live and it is run by a small family of real Mexicans and the food is outrageously good, well-portioned and very reasonable in price. They cook everything to order so there is a short wait but they do hustle and the wait is worth it. My friend Jim and I have been there three times already this very week. I tried the Comodo Dragon Browser yesterday and it is great but a little more technical than I can handle. The day before that it was the “Epic” Browser which is fast and very protective of privacy but today I am back on Chrome with Duck-Duck Go as a privacy protector. My new Parker safety razor is adjustable and I am still working on finding the correct setting. I tried it on a very aggressive setting yesterday and ended up with two small nicks. I haven’t nicked myself shaving in more than 50 years. It was my fault for putting pressure on the shaver. I do love my “Parker” and no, I am not getting paid to endorse it here on the blog! People tell me, “Do not write in run-on paragraphs because nobody is going to take the time to read them and they are irritating. I know of one blogger who does exactly that and has a thousand regular visitors a day to his blog. Screw what the experts have to say. If people love me enough — and what is there not to love? — they will take the time. I cannot believe my plain-looking little $20 watch keeps as good Time as the $4,800 one. Bummer! As it turns out nobody pays attention when you wear an expensive watch anyway unless they are thieves who entertain the idea of slashing your throat to get your watch — and there are some of those out there I am told.

Is There Any Such Thing As A “Secret” Billionaire?

There are reportedly a shitload of billionaires who are not listed in major publications ordinarily given to telling the world who they are or what they are worth.

I have read reports (But have no personal knowledge — I swear that I do not –) that there are offshore companies who specialize in hiding the assets and funds of secret billionaires from the eyes of the rest of the world ….. but like I said, I know absolutely nothing about any of these.

It is alleged that there are a lot of billionaires who made their money illegally through such things as narcotics trading or human trafficking or what ever and it is pretty certain that those folks aren’t interested in having the world at large know about how they got their money …. so I would say that some of them are “Secret” billionaires even though I haven’t the foggiest notion of who any of them might be.

Then there are common, ordinary every-day jocks who were sitting at home, lying in their beds, minding their own business and worrying about how to pay their gas and electric bills when that mysterious knock suddenly came at the door and there were men with briefcases, a couple of nurses, an ambulance, some armed guards wanting to come in and “Talk some important issues over” with the guy who was a pauper a few short seconds before that knock came on that door …. Yes, there are some of that kind of billionaire out there too.

Then there is the kind of billionaire like myself who really isn’t one — but who has dreamed of becoming one some day — and having to settle for the memory of having made and spent and lost a shitload of money in his day.

And so there is that kind of secret billionaire too — the kind that really isn’t one but who has this strange idea in his head that he might be someday or might have been at sometime in the past …. you know …. the kind of crazy guy.


The Imaginary Billionaire # 101

Living here in the “Western” culture it is surprising to me that we are not all living entirely on a diet of drugs or alcohol ….but when I read the newspapers and listen to the broadcasts on news channels I think I believe that we are already there for the most part.

And there are already a lot of us living on too much to stuff our guts with — as can be seen at any grocery store where fat asses drape over the sides of automated grocery carts — but I digress.

In order to survive in this crappy political atmosphere we are all going to have to become spiritual soldiers or virtual combatants of one kind or another — although I doubt we are going to have to revert to loincloths, bared thighs and primitive weapons of any kind — although some of the white supremacists are already taking care of that little detail with their sticks and stones and beer cans filled with cement.

In some societies in distress the warrior-soldiers who are charged with saving the rabble from destruction have to fight side by side with those of their own kind equally strong and skillful as themselves …. something that I doubt is going to be possible with all the LGBT people in the Military now — but that is another story for yet another day — The fact is that in this struggle in which we are all engaged we all need to have those primitive survival skills and we need someone to fight the moral equivalency beside us when the going gets rough and someone to comfort us in our beds at night when there is a lull in the fighting.

But in the end when all the chips are counted and all the roulette wheels have stopped spinning I guess we must all confront our inner demons and take sides either with the violent assholes on the alt. left or the violent assholes on the white supremacist right even though there is no middle ground because no matter where a person stands in the middle of that kind of altercation they are bound to get their ass whipped soundly — so like the President has said, “There are violent people on both sides of the battles” even though the crazy assed elitist-controlled Media does not want to admit this — yea are not capable of admitting this because they conceive nothing, they understand nothing except what their taskmasters drill into them at payday —-

It’s all too much for me folks but I am going to continue beating my drum here on this blog because somewhere out there is someone with the presence of mind to understand what it is I am trying to tell them — and finding them is going to make all this blogging crap worth while.

Maybe It Is Because I Am Getting Old

Sometimes I love the idea of blogging and sometimes I hate it passionately. — That might be what makes me interesting to a certain number of people — It is very eccentric and eccentricity is often colorful …. even though it might also be a pain in the ass for a lot of people —- For what it is worth I am back on WordPress.Com ….. for awhile ….

Racism In America

The focus is on racism in America these days ….. and well it should be ….. because there have been more outbreaks ….. and there will probably be even more outbreaks ….. because new generations have risen that do not understand the events of the past ….. and new generations are always prone to repeat the mistakes of the generations gone before …..and nobody is really going to change any of this because it has been going on since the beginning of the Republic ….. a republic founded by racist slave owners and other like-minded “Christians” and secularists. —– This kind of conflict is in the DNA of America and I doubt there is any likelihood of things getting much better anytime soon because if I have learned one thing in all my years I have learned this: “It is impossible to legislate love and tolerance.” — Absolutely impossible!