Donald Trump On North Korea In 1999 – Meet The Press w/ Tim Russert

President Trump is much farther ahead of the curve on most issues than the dumb asses who dislike him so much realize or could ever realize — Look what he was saying about North Korea’s nuclear ambitions way back in the late 1990s! — This is not the mark of some stooge (which is what his haters would like to label him as being) — This is the mark of a highly intelligent man … a man who knows how to lead a nation …. a man who has the best interests of America at heart …. the very man whom the filth on the Liberal Radical Left wants to denigrate, demean and bring down …. Thanks to “Bunkerville” for once again shining the light of truth for those Americans who have the common sense to listen!

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

For those who still think that Donald is some yahoo that knows little, take a look at this interview done in back 1999.  Meanwhile Clinton, Bush and of course, Obama let North Korea get the big one.

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One thought on “Donald Trump On North Korea In 1999 – Meet The Press w/ Tim Russert

  1. At least he has you (and your like-minded friends) on his side, John. I doubt any articles, or evidence of past interviews, will change the mind of his detractors though.
    I watched interviews with Tillerson on the news yesterday, and thought he came over very well indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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