So let me ask a little question here …

If North Korea were to send a missile with an atomic warhead and if that missile were to actually explode on U.S. soil — or on the soil of a U.S. Possession or Protectorate — Do you think the U.S. would retaliate in kind …. retaliate with conventional forces ….. retaliate at all or send the problem to the United Nations for resolution?

You already know some of the pacifist pussy-brained wimpoids we have in the Congress …. would they have the collective balls to retaliate in a manner that might impress the little fat guy in North Korea?

Would President Trump have to waste a lot of time trying to get the Congress together to declare a “State of War” while the enemy contemplates extending any such attack with additional strikes or would he be more likely to order a counter strike and risk being impeached for “Going to war without the consent of Congress?”

What is your opinion?

9 thoughts on “So let me ask a little question here …

  1. Much would depend where the nuke would land. If it lands on a major city and kills a bunch of people, or a mountaintop (thusly killing animals and pissing off the ASPCA or PETA), or landing on a rural farming community in Nebraska.
    In general.. my hope would be a measured response. If it kills a bunch of people and causes a lot of damage then the American people will want a measure of revenge… like with 9/11. We invade North Korea using conventional weaponry like we did in Afghanistan… likely at some expense in South Korean lives… but we, of course see the bigger picture… outing the Kim regime and finally uniting North and South. But before we get there we will have the entire population in the North brainwashed into thinking the invading Americans are going to kill, rape, and eat their babies (remember the last Asian bunch who thought that?) so there will be mass suicides to contend with and likely years of guerrilla warfare from brainwashed hardliners. Does the word “quagmire” ring a bell?

    I like to imagine we would not respond with any nuclear response. Laying waste to North Korea will just overflow into South Korea in far too many ways for decades to come… and shifting nuclear clouds will drift over Japan as will troubles in the Asian economies. You send NK into the Stone Age, the South is to follow. If we loose a city likely we just suck it up and any response is using conventional military means. After all, the reason it was launched was our problem to begin with.

    More important to me would be….
    1. How the hell did a nuke ICBM make it into the U.S. anyway? Who failed.. what failed… and after the Congressional inquiries and special prosecutors, who is going to jail for it.

    2. What the hell did the administration do or not do that led to the missile being launched to begin with? (In other words, did Trump’s big mouth piss someone off?)

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  2. I think it is unlikely that NK will actually fire any kind of rocket at Guam, unless it is one that lands in the sea ‘somewhere nearby’. But if they did, I suspect that Mr Trump would have no problems with getting agreement to take out Pyongyang, and most of the military/industrial installations in that country.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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