Some “Polls” Are Saying 59% Of Americans Think Trump Presidency Is A Failure!

All that poll says to me is that 41% of Americans know what is really going on and 59% have been deceived — most likely by some of the media and a lot of mindless drunks at local bars — or something of that nature.

The 59% being talked about here is the 59% that the Liberal-owned, controlled and dominated Lame Stream media has shoved anti-Trump propaganda down their gullible and naieve throats so hard, so often, so intensively and so much that they have gotten confused and no longer can discern the time of day much less the conditions surrounding them in the world.

Of course none of what I am saying will even register with the Trump-hating Libs so I wonder sometimes why I even open my mouth.

Has anyone looked at the stock markets and the jobs markets lately? We have seen at least 49 straight increases in the money markets since Trump became president but I will wager that the Libs will argue that has nothing to do with the election, with the President or anything else that might give him a little credit.

I will also wager that if Hillardy was president right now and the jobs markets and the money markets were doing as good as they are doing right now the Libs would be scattering rose petals in her path and proclaiming her to have Divine powers over the Economy!

No filthy Lib is ever going to give President Trump credit for anything that is good — take that to the bank and remember you heard it here!

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