Lame Stream Ignores Record-Breaking Stock Market Performance Under Trump

The Lamestream Media would rather focus on everything negative about the President rather than reporting on the fantastic gains the stock markets have been providing for investors!

So what does anybody expect? Isn’t that what they have been doing ever since before the election —– even before anybody took Donald Trump seriously as a candidate —– back when they were making the jokes about him being an “Orange-Haired Clown” with no experience and no agenda —– and all the other filthy damned things they could pull out of their Liberal asses?

I can almost hear the Liberals now claiming that the gains in the money markets have absolutely nothing to do with the presidency of Donald Trump but for some strange reason investors have been laughing all the way to the bank ever since he was elected and we have now seen at least 49 continuous records set at the exchange since Trump was elected and that was nowhere near what we saw under the Obuzzmer administration … now thankfully defunct!

As far as I can tell none of the Lame Streamers are doing very much to mention what is happening on Wall Street right now because I believe they are deathly afraid to say anything that might throw a good light on the President and his administration.

As far as I can tell the only thing the entire Liberal American fiasco wants to do right now is to continue their unending war against the President and his policies and his administration.

I believe the assholes actually believe they are going to eventually get the President removed from office and stick one of their own mindless minions in the Oval Office.

I personally believe the S.O.Bs are out of their minds if that is what they are thinking.

As to the ones of their number who do not qualify under my definition of “Asshole” or “S.O.B” — well I guess they are just along for the ride hoping for the best and waiting for History to play itself out.


16 thoughts on “Lame Stream Ignores Record-Breaking Stock Market Performance Under Trump

  1. The markets are doing good and unemployment is at record lows…that is what Trump should be p[reaching in his speeches not reliving the election which he won….we all know he won….now sell the people on you agenda. chuq

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  2. It is well-reported here that the US stock market has been doing well since the election. The Dollar has also stayed strong, and most indications are that your economy has not been affected by the Trump presidency. However, that does not seem to be filtering down to real progress in the everyday lives of ordinary people so far. That must be the next step, to silence the critics.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • You wrote … “most indications are that your economy has not been affected by the Trump presidency…..” —- Well let me tell you that if Hillary Clinton or some other individual were the President right now their presidency would be getting all the credit for the recovering economy and the propaganda masters would be bombarding us daily with praise for the positive effects such a presidency would be having on the economy.” —- But it is Trump and no matter what he does or does not do the Liberals are not going to give him credit for anything positive that happens during his tenure. That is just something we are all going to have to live with. If it were a Liberal in the Oval Office they would be beside themselves gushing about how they have cause the economy to improve and people everywhere would be led to believe it — whether it is true or not — because that is how Liberals roll.

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