When Things Are Looking Up

The poet said, “Always keep your face toward the Sunshine and you will not be able to see the shadows.

That can be a good thing or that can be a bad thing.

If you keep your face to the Sunshine for too long a time you are bound to get a bad Sunburn ….. or ….. you might go blind.

Now that cannot be a very positive thing.

So what does all this prove?

It proves that people who think they are authors of positive thoughts really ought to do a little deeper thinking about what they are advising people to do before they open their big mouths.

I have tried a different version of this old positive thought out to see what would happen and how it would play out.

I decided to keep my ass to the Sunshine and see what I could see.

What I could see was a big, dark, blob-like shadow of myself on the sidewalk and that was so depressing that the experiment was quickly abandoned.

Right now I am thinking about trying to see what will happen if I keep my tongue facing the Sun all the time.

My hope is that I can get a taste of Sunshine.

With my luck, however, the thing that will happen is likely to be that a bird will fly over and crap on my tongue.

But if I get a little bird shit on my tongue then I can talk more crap and be more like a Liberal — and that will have either positive consequences or negative consequences depending on who is listening and what is on their minds.

Or some really good-looking 80-year-old woman will see me and want to go home with me.

That will be acceptable if she is very rich and has an enlarged heart.

Otherwise I will have to respectfully decline.

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