What’s Hiding In Your Tap Water?

If you are concerned about the number of cancer-causing chemicals and other dangerous contaminants that might be in your local tap water — especially if you drink it on a regular basis —– you have a wonderfully useful tool at your disposal called “EWG’s Tap Water Data Base” that will give you all the information you could ever want about this potential problem.

The data base is as easy to use as simply entering your zip code and waiting to see what is in your tap water.

Here is where to find the database — ( RIGHT HERE).

An unexpected goodie connected with this data base is that it will also tell you the kinds of filters you might want to consider using to help rid your water of any contaminants that might be listed in the data base for your area.

One thought on “What’s Hiding In Your Tap Water?

  1. I know we have fluoride put into drinking water here. Then there is the ‘hard’ water in this area, full of calcium deposits that fur up electrical appliances, and makes the water run a milky colour at times. I rarely drink from a tap, expect the tap water that is boiled for tea or coffee.
    Regards, Pete.

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