Why I Think Media Should Stop Reporting On Terrorism

I know it is kind of a stretch here and I know that I am going to offend some really influential people with what I am about to say but the fact is that giant businesses dealing in media are making a virtual killing (Pun not intended) in profits off reporting about terrorism and terrorist attacks.

That is disgusting enough but wait! There’s more!

There are also tortured souls lurking out there in the shadows of the hinterlands who look at reports about terrorists and terrorism on the media and then get the cockamamie idea that they should copycat some of these heinous and outrageous terrors so they can get their 15 minutes of notoriety too.

I cannot but wonder sometimes how many people who are now deceased because they were victims of terrorists would still be alive it the media hadn’t been so enthusiastic about broadcasting or printing every little gory detail of some other terror attack somewhere?

These things are becoming so “Ordinary” now that I think they are slowly losing their shock value. I think people are becoming numbed to these attacks because they are occurring so often now. Maybe that Muslim Mayor of London was right when he said that people should get used to terrorism if they are going to live in a big city.

So what do YOU think? Do YOU think the media stirs the pot too much on these things and do YOU think that if the media refused to report about these events the terrorists might see that their acts are no longer drawing attention and might actually think twice before going on a rampage somewhere?

A Little Tittle Of Shared Wisdom

President Trump has been quoted as saying, “What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.”

So President Trump is an actual billionaire and I am a pretend billionaire so I am going to put down a little thought of my own here about winners and losers based on what the President said but which is entirely my own words — my words exclusively — and here is the thought I was thinking:

“What separates the winners from the losers is who among us is more willing to drop our trousers than the other.”

Another key factor I have found is that winners invariably use only one side of their toilet tissue and the losers are fools about it.

On another subject I see that the President has also been credited with telling someone or a group of someones that if they need a sexual stimulant then they are probably with the wrong girl.

My version of that piece of wisdom is, “If you need that kind of assistance then you are probably really old or excessively ugly — or all the above.”

Then there was this one:

“You have to think anyway so why not think big?”

When I first read that statement it impressed me so much that I immediately went out and bought underwear briefs a full size bigger than the ones I was wearing. Did it work for me? I am still waiting to see.

Some People Tend To Rewrite History

There are some fairly racist and non-politically-correct stories going around that The United States of America authorized its Military Forces to drop some kind of super bomb on a couple of Japanese Cities during the Second World War.

First of all, I believe that America has greater moral values and higher standards of conduct than to do something egregious like that and it is also my belief that if there ever was a super bomb dropped out of an American airplane the crew aboard the plane probably never either realized or believed that there was an actual city in the path of their weapon.

As a final thought, it is my belief that any and all monuments representing any actions by The United States’ Military from 1939 through 1945 suggesting that we sent our troops abroad to kill fellow human beings should be torn down, dismantled, sold or moved to a central location because I believe that all such monuments are as racist as was the actions of President Roosevelt to segregate American Japanese Citizens into “Detainment” facilities out in the deserts of America somewhere.

These ideas are the kind of ideas that we do not need to be leaving to our children and our grandchildren so let’s get all the books about these things out and see that they are burned and let’s get all the monuments melted down and sold for whatever the market will bring.

There you go, you politically correct fellow citizens of mine …. Is this post politically correct enough for you? I aim to please.

John Liming #104

I wonder if anybody is going to give any credit to President Trump and his team for quieting the North Korean menace down? If it were anybody else in The Oval Office right now I am sure there would be half-page editorial glutting every known print media and several hours of “In-Depth” coverage on all the electronic media.

John Liming #103

I would like to take a moment this morning to compliment both the Antifa (The Alt. Left) and the White Nationalists who played out their little conflict at Charlottesville, Virginia the other day for the restraint they showed. I know you are wondering if I have gone out of my mind and are also wondering what I am talking about since there was so much “Violence” during the confrontations. I am speaking of the fact that in spite of our pervasive and ever-growing gun culture not a shot was fired during any of the altercations. I find that to be remarkable … a miracle even … given the temperaments present at the occasion and given the often brash and bold statements made by such people as the Alt. Left, The White Nationalists and their ilk. I am also wondering what ever happened to such other groups as “Sovereign Citizens” and “Private Militias.” I heard absolutely nothing about either of those groups being present at Charlottesville. I find the absence of all the other “Extremist” groups to be fascinating and somewhat confusing. A person would think that such an occasion as was presented at Charlottesville would be fertile ground for all kinds of extremism but it seemed to be limited to just two of the extant groups in America. Where was the KKK? Where was The First Church of Jesus Christ of The Aryan Nations and all the rest of them? But like I said at the beginning …. “I am amazed that there were no guns and no shooting … and I find that both comforting and mind-boggling at one and the same time.

Violent Leftists Ignored By Media

The Leftist group called popularly “Antifa” (Anti-Fascists) has reportedly stormed a government building somewhere in Minnesotastan burning the county flag and substituting an Antifa flag in it’s place — according to reports — but apparently none of it is getting a lot of play in the Media for some strange reason.

Now I am not going to be politically incorrect here and suggest that the violence-prone Leftists allegedly involved do not have a right to express their sentiments in public. I would never do that because regardless of their political positions they are, in fact human beings with feelings just like everybody else and if they get a little rowdy from time to time that is no reason to say hateful things about them.

Anyway folks — after the events that transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia a few days ago I am not certain there is actually any such thing as a violent Leftist group calling itself “Antifa” because all the news accounts of that horror that I read focused strictly on the involvement of white supremacists and nazis — either little or no mention was ever made of the Antifa group and their actions at Charlottesville or it was dismissed out of hand by Media on the scene.


You see folks, we are now living in a society where only Conservatives can do anything wrong and anything with the tag, “Liberal” or “Leftist” is pearly white and pure as the driven snow and can do no evil.

Is this article politically correct enough for the government censors?

Terror In Barcelona

Hi, everybody! It’s me, John, again.

Since the whole world is going politically correct I want to try a new way of writing blog posts so as to try not to offend anybody or hurt anybody’s feelings — and so this will be my first attempt. The reason I am trying this is because I know that freedom of speech in America will soon be a thing of the past because of political correctness and I want to be on the side where the things I write for public consumption will be safe from eradication. Right now I want to address the terror attacks in Barcelona, Spain recently where it was reported that somebody driving a van plowed into a crowd of people causing death an injury. The thing is we should not hate the terrorists because I do not believe they have any idea of what they are doing. A person cannot be blamed for their actions ….. be those actions approved or disapproved by the surrounding society …. if the person doing the actions is not full aware of the consequences of what he or she is doing or if he or she is not fully aware of the social acceptability of his or her actions. I believe terrorists are acting within the parameters of their personal beliefs and are not, therefore always culpable. Secondly let me suggest that if people do not wish to be attacked by terrorists then people should avoid situations where they might put themselves at risk of being a victim of a terrorist attack. The idea would be to avoid all areas where there is a high concentration of people who might present a compacted mass of human targets for the terrorists. I would suggest that if people go to those kinds of places knowing the potential for terrorism then if they become victims they must share some of the blame for whatever happens to them. Now I think I have written an article here that places blame on no one and I cannot see where I have written anything hateful or bigoted about anybody so this one must pass the “Politically Correct” smell test. Am I right or not?