Problems cashing winning scratch-off lottery tickets

I went into a convenience-type store with a gas station attached on July 16, 2017 and purchased a scratch off lottery ticket in the hopes of winning a bundle ….. much the same as millions of other of my Fellow Americans do every day of the year.

Much to my delight and surprise I found out after I had scratched off my ticket that it was a Two Hundred, Fifty-dollar winner and I was ecstatic!

On presenting the winning ticket to the clerk at the convenience store/gas station where I had purchased the ticket that turned out to be a certified $250 winner the clerk informed me that the store did not have that much cash on hand and they could not cash my winning ticket for me.

The store manager told me the same thing.

I will not name this store because of the legal liabilities in doing so but I will tell you that it is part of a large national chain with hundreds and perhaps even thousands of stores scattered around in cities, towns, villages and hamlets all over America!

On the back of these tickets it definitely clearly states that if anyone purchases a winning ticket they can have the winning ticket certified as a winner and collect their winnings up to a certain specified limit at the licensed lottery sales agent where the ticket was purchased.

Do I need to say I was disappointed when the licensed sales agent where I had purchased my winning ticket would not cash it for me?

I e-mailed the state lottery commission and registered a complaint.

The answer I got back from the state lottery commission was that although the lottery commission encourages and compensates their retailers for cashing winning tickets there is no way they can force their retailers to do so.

Alright, I can understand that and I can accept that and I can tell the “Retailer” that refused to cash my ticket to cram any hopes of me ever spending another dime in their place of business up their corporate asses — which is exactly what is going to happen! If I starve to death or die of thirst or have to walk a hundred miles to get home after my car runs out of gas I will never spend another nickel in that damned place again!

In the future … before I open my wallet to buy any kind of lottery ticket anywhere at all, I am going to ask them flat-out beforehand, “If I win on this damned thing do you have the cash to pay me?”

File this one under “Lessons Learned.”

I got the ticket cashed at the local big box grocery super chain store just a few doors down from the gas station/convenience store by the way!

America, the land of bums and panhandlers

Reblogged From: “American Independent Times”

The United States is supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world but if you ever walked down one of our city streets you might think we are a nation of poverty-stricken beggars.

Because of all the government programs to support freeloaders ….. and America is rife with government programs designed to waste taxpayer money on supporting the lazy, the indigent, the dope-addicted, the alcohol-addicted, the ne’er do wells ….. people who actually brag that they will always live on the government dole and will never punch a time clock ….. because of all those give-aways to the freeloaders, America’s homeless population is on the decline but it seems more and more people have decided to make a career out of begging and panhandling …. and the numbers of those enterprising idiots is now skyrocketing.

It is almost literally impossible to walk down any street in The U.S. without being stopped by some sodden-looking bum and regaled with a tear-jerking sob story about misery and woe …. all designed to make the person being thus accosted willing to shell out a couple of dollars to help the poor, unfortunate swindler out.

It is getting to the point here in the States where a person might be tempted to ask, “Why have so many people begun to show so much disrespect for the laws of the nation and why doesn’t anybody respect private property anymore?”

If the problem of bums and bumming were confined to the confidence people who wage these little daily wars against the demands of conscience were the only problem it wouldn’t be so bad.

But it does not end with individual efforts by the street people.

The begging and the bumming has made its way into endless telephone solicitations for this charitable organization and that charitable organization ….. the list seems endless …. or local public broadcasting channels holding fund drives to get money to operate their stations with even though they sell advertising and lie about it …. “You can watch TV on Public Broadcasting without all the commercial interruptions …. but we need your dollars to keep going ….” — Total bullshit! They sell advertising and they sell a lot of it and you are never going to convince me that it comes cheap!

Yes, I am sure that before long the bums and beggars might even make it onto the lists of sights to see when one visits The United States …. just like any major zoo.

So my advice to all my friends throughout the world is this: “If you are planning on a visit to The United States be sure you bring plenty of extra spare change for the bums you will undoubtedly encounter by the score on the streets here.”

Americans May Someday Go To Prison For Supporting A Boycott Against Israel

Source of Information: “THINK PROGRESS

They just can’t leave The First Amendment alone can they …. these self-proclaimed advocates and supporters of free speech in America!

Never mind that the proposed legislation to criminalize supporting a boycott of Israel is said to be totally against The United States Constitution! —– Never mind that at all because I am not sure a lot of elected officials have ever read The Constitution or do not understand it if they do read it.

Imagine the day in America when a citizen can go to jail for 20 years or pay fines between $250-thousand and One Million dollars for advocating for, supporting or even requesting information about a boycott of Israel…. Can you imagine it?

Looks to me like some politicians are moving more to extremes on issues that affect us all. — How long will it be before some nut case decides the Constitution is no longer relevant to life in America?

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The Millionaire’s Breakfast

A lot of people want to know what the average millionaire or billionaire eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner and how and where he eats it ….. along with a lot of other questions. People are just naturally curious about these things, I guess.

Some very successful people like a breakfast of various fruits along with some nourishing grain dishes. This could conceivably consist of some grapes, pineapple chunks, apple chunks, raisins and slices of orange all nestled comfortably in a little bowl with a serving of 10-grain cooked cereal and black coffee on the side. Now that has been reported to be a favorite with some very wealthy folks and I have tried it myself and I can see the appeal.

One Englishman I know whose income tops a Million Dollars is fond of fish ….. especially a fish called “Kippers” and if you are in the mood to try kippers for breakfast you should know that you can buy them rather reasonably in small individual serving-sized cans at any reputable grocery store that features International cuisine.

I had a friend once who liked to consume a whole can of mackerel for breakfast and that was just about his entire diet for the day … several days a week. — My friend is deceased now …. He literally smoked himself to death with a tobacco addiction that went way out of control.

When they found him he was sitting deceased in his favorite chair and was coated with at least a one-eighth (1/8th)-inch-thick coating of tobacco tar and residue. NOT!

One of my own favorites —– although I am a relatively fiscally poor nobody (Cough! Choke! Hack! Wheeze!) is a mixture consisting of one cup Greek-style yogurt with a spoonful of raw honey, a handful of fresh blueberries and some crushed walnut halves — a concoction that I lovingly refer to as “Rocket Fuel For The Start Of The Day.”

I also love a breakfast once suggested to me by a dear Internet friend that consists of 4 strips of thick-cut grilled crisp bacon, three eggs, some Southern-style grits and maybe a home-baked biscuit or two …. with real butter …. never margarine.

I have heard of some real eccentrics who prefer such things as grilled spinach sandwiches: Two slices of french bread with the crust trimmed away, a covering of fresh spinach leaves, one ounce of shredded cheddar cheese, a sprinkling of Parmesan and perhaps a strip or two of crisp-grilled bacon.

Then there are the protein bars and the protein shakes and granola crowd.

Once the content of the breakfast is resolved the question turns to where the very rich eat their breakfasts … and some of their other meals.

Like I said, I am just a poor fool with expensive tastes and no means with which to indulge my fantasies so I settle for something plain and unadorned:

I like a rather large polished wood dining table with some comfortable upholstered chairs, a light-colored ceiling with some polished wooden beams overhead, brilliantly polished parquet wood flooring beneath my feet, the warmth of a built-in fireplace in one corner of the room, an Island-type grill with a smoke-ejecting hood, some light, open and airy windows and a comfortably muted ambiance with the house music system playing something soothing like the theme songs from the motion picture, “Gone With The Wind.” — Even though they are a more or less forbidden indulgence for someone like myself I do go overboard about five days a week and include at least one vase of cut flowers on the dining table and yesterdays choice was a small white flower called “Pom Pom.”

And when I am not in the mood for the pom-pom I settle for an old well-used canning jar with a few freshly picked yellow dandelions in season — or some thistles and briars.

Notice I said at the beginning of this description of a dining environment that these are the things I “Like;” I did not say “These are the things I have.” — If you were to see the eating environment here where I live you might be a little taken aback or even embarrassed at the plain-ness and simplicity of it all …. maybe …. depending on your view of what “Quality” means. — I am by no means either excessively wealthy or pretentious! (Giggle.). That was an embarrassed “Giggle” by the way. — I always feel a little deprived and out-of-place in an imported silk robe with the satin lapels and cuffs —– I rather prefer a pair of burlap pajamas myself because I love the sensation of itching and scratching.

My own kitchen is more of a cave actually — reminiscent of those old drafty kitchens one could find on the Seventh floor of a local absent-landlord-owned tenement building on the seedier side of town …. snark …. LOL. — comfortable and tastefully decorated but still reminiscent of the old …. slums. Wrong! I am lying again! — or am I?

Maybe you choose to believe that one and maybe you dont. Just keep in mind what an incorrigible liar I can be at times.

My advantage is that the roaches no longer share the same living space as I do like once was the case … many years ago.

No! The roaches are nowhere present anymore.

I think I far prefer eating out of carved bamboo bowls with my bare fingers than sitting in front of some pretentious arrangement of soft and glistening expensive table crap.

I do love a hard-packed dirt floor!

No, I don’t!


I think my favorite place setting for a meal could easily become a tin all-purpose soup plate with a single spoon as a utensil … both articles reminiscent of the local church-mission where they serve the “Free Dinner” every Wednesday Afternoon on schedule.

I was kind of in love with my old metal “Mess” kit I had when I was in the Armed Forces.

Now as to the dinnerware one would think of something like Limoges or Phillipe Deshoulieres or perhaps Nymphenburg or Hering or L’Objet Byzanteum but those are way out of my league so I settle for Mikasa and Lennox and no I am not being compensated in any manner for mentioning any of these brand names.

Now just because I said that I would “Settle” for less expensive dinnerware does not mean that I actually possess any of that stuff and it does not mean that I do not either because whether I do or not is of no importance to anybody and as evidenced by my rather ridiculous bodyweight I do manage to stuff myself with enough food regardless of the means or method of ingestion.

Wax-coated paper plates can be wonderfully convenient because they can be disposed of after a couple of uses …. or after a single use ….depending on the individual taste and tolerance I would imagine.

No, I am pretty much of a nobody and I prefer to keep it that way, folks and what I am doing this morning here with this blog post is running my mouth about a lot of inane and unimportant drivel in an attempt to entertain somebody.

Everybody likes to dream once in a while don’t they?

What’s in your kitchen cabinet?

Japanese First Lady Reportedly Avoids Talking To President Trump In Novel Way

It appears that the First Lady of Japan may have pretended that she does not speak English very well in order to avoid talking with President Trump during some recent meeting —– or something. (The story is on the website “THE HILL”.)

I do not find this story all that fascinating because I, myself, have often pretended that I cannot speak Japanese in order to avoid talking with visitors from Japan who came through the factory where I was working.

Of course — in all reality — and all kidding aside — “I don’t speak Japanese and will never speak Japanese because I don’t have any reason or desire to speak Japanese and I have no Japanese friends or relatives and I don’t work in the factory setting anymore — and I have relatives lying in graveyards because of World War II —- It just isn’t my thing!

While I am dragging this nonsense out let me say that whenever heads of state from different cultures come together and there are language differences then it seems sensible to me that interpreters should be on hand to keep the conversation going in a manner that all parties can understand with ease.

In my opinion this is one of those stories that some Liberal asswads would love to take up and make something big and important out of it because they think they can find something in the details to use against the President …. because that is their thing! — That is their only thing! — That’s their big deal! — That’s what they do! — Apparently that is all they are capable of doing seeing as how they can’t seem to do anything positive to help the people who elected them to their cushy-assed offices in Washington.