Coal Stoves And Cold Linoleum Floors

The year was somewhere between 1938 and 1949 and we lived in a small rented bungalow out in the countryside near a village with a population of 800 people.

The house had a living room, a small kitchen area, a very small utility room that contained a gasoline-powered clothes washing machine and one rectangular-shaped bedroom.

That was all there was to the house.

The house was heated by a single cast-iron coal-fired stove that sat in one corner of the living room and the long exhaust pipe went through the wall and into a brick chimney where the smoke and fumes were discharged into the sky.

Everyone in our town heated with coal back in those days.

The school where I went from the First Grade through the Eighth Grade had a huge old coal furnace with an automatic stoker.

Besides serving as the source of heat for our home in the Winter, this coal stove doubled down as an extension to cooking equipment and my Mother would often heat dishes she was preparing on the top of it and my Dad made his coffee in an old porcelain coffee pot on top of it.

Daddy’s coffee was thick as molasses and one sip of the brew would give anybody a case of what I used to call “The Big Eye.”

The Big Eye is an affliction whereby those who drink any significant amount of strong coffee such as my Dad used to make would go about looking extremely alert from the severe jolt of caffeine in the coffee.

The coal for this stove was stored beside out gravel driveway outside the house in a large pile of about a ton or two of the soft black variety of coal known as “Bituminous.”

There was no lock and key — The coal just sat there in a pile — and believe me when I tell you that some of the neighbors would sneak around when they thought my Dad wasn’t looking and help themselves to some of our coal once in awhile.

Dad would fire up the old stove until it glowed red which I am sure was a terrible fire hazard but it was never the heating stove in the living room that caught our house on fire. That little detail was provided by the kerosene cooking stove in the kitchen which actually did ignite the wallpaper one day and cause the entirety of the kitchen to be burned out before the local fire department could put the conflagration out.

The coal stove would shed radiant heat which means that if you stood facing it your face would be warm … the front of your body would be warm …. the back of you would be cold. It worked something like the planets facing the sun I suppose.

Needless to say the living room where the stove was situated was the warm room in the house and the rest of the dwelling had to make do with whatever radiation escaped from the stove in the living room ….. which wasn’t much I can tell you!

I used to lay on the threadbare couch in the living room across from the old stove and watch the shadows flicker against the ceiling and the walls that the fire glowing through the window of the old stove would make.

I thought of some of those shadows as ghosts and goblins but the routine of staring at the flickering lights and shadows did have a hypnotic effect and it was easy to fall asleep under those influences.

And if a person became too warm at night there was always the option of cracking a window open just a little bit even though my Dad would complain that doing so was a big waste of heat and money.

But I caught him doing it himself once in awhile too.


Judge Delays Deportations Of Criminals

Source Article:

An excerpt from the article that I think is most revealing:

” …All the Iraqi immigrants under orders of deportation have criminal records, costing them green cards or visas. ICE released a statement listing offenses from assault and homicide to burglary and drug trafficking. Adducci continued that most of those from the Detroit area have serious, and multiple, felony convictions. Relatives and attorneys representing the detained Iraqis argue they have served their time and are not fugitives….”

My opinion: These lower court judges need to be brought under some kind of control where they cannot issue these kinds of restraining orders because I do not believe that these kinds of judicial orders do a darned thing to help the best interests or the safety of The Citizens of The United States.

I am still mind-boggled over the fact that some illegal immigrants into The U.S. can be assumed to have rights under The United States Constitution and how they can secure legal representation and have cases heard in American Courts. I have also been confused for a long time about how people who have been adjudicated as criminals can have Constitutional rights — especially if they are not citizens and have never been citizens. I think those kinds of policies are pure insanity.

I have to ask myself the question, “Why are some of America’s lower court judges so infatuated with criminals that they want to do things to make sure they have more time to spend among the population of law-abiding Americans?”

Problem Solved!

I walked out of the room tonight as the major so-called news organization’s talking head on my TV set about the task of blasting President Trump over his recent decision to limit Transgender participation in the Military.

First of all I am sick and tired of watching and listening to all the garbage being spewed out by the Liberal-owned, manipulated and controlled segments of what is supposed to pass for American Journalism today.

Second of all I think I have a suggestion that will solve the problem of so-called “Bias” against the LGBT Community wanting to serve in The United States Military today — something that was unheard of back when America actually sought to win their wars.

My suggestion is simple:

Right now America has what is called an “All Volunteer” Military and what this means is that there is not a draft in operation right at this moment in time.

So what I am proposing as an answer to the perceived “Bias” problem is that The United States immediately make every branch of The Military an all-volunteer One-Hundred-Percent LGBT volunteer service!


Get all those who oppose such a move out of uniform at the earliest possible time and replace them all with LGBT people.

From the lowest enlisted person to the highest General or Admiral!


I believe that would take care of any perceptions of discrimination and I believe it would signal a new direction in our effectiveness around the world as an armed nation trying to police the whole damned world.

And your two cents worth about my idea is …???

Leave a reply!

Protesters Calling Replace And Repeal “Death Bill.”

The Liberal radical factions are trying to make a lot of hay by reporting on a staged event during which people who were obviously actors were shown being dragged from a protest at Senator Mitch McConnell’s office. The optics this presentation creates is disgusting to the max and was obviously designed to garner sympathy for the Liberal side of the health care argument and is highly evidential of the insane lengths the Libs will go to make their phony points and to try and save their failing and precious Obum-mer Care from the desolation it so richly deserves.

The Libs seem oblivious to the facts that their precious Obama Care is causing thousands of health care providers to run like scared rabbits away from it because it is not paying them the virtual fortunes they are demanding for even the most basic health care services and is causing insurance premiums to escalate through the roof so that those millions of people they are so afraid will lose their insurance under the newly proposed Republican Replace and Repeal effort are going to lose their insurance anyway because there is no way on earth that most of them will ever be able to cough up enough money to cover their ever-escalating premiums under Obummacrud Care!

Somebody has simply got to do something to replace the current mess that does not work, costs too much for people to afford and is doing nothing to hold down the cost of going to the doctor or buying prescriptions at the drug store. It is bad and it is getting worse with each passing day and The Senate or the House or the whole darned Congress have got to overhaul this thing, replace it with something that works for the benefit of the people and something that is not written and owned by the big Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Associations of this perverted Liberalized old world we all share.

Now I am calling on the RINOs and the Trump Haters to forget their obsessions about the President and start thinking about why they were elected in the first place and get their heads together and bang something out that is going to be good for The American People for a change and forget all the petty political bickering until they have hammered out a workable health care situation for an America that deserves better than Her elected officials have been giving Her lately.